Zandbergen expands protein portfolio with plant-based seafood

We are excited to announce our partnership with plant-based seafood brand Good Catch.

Good Catch is a chef-driven food tech company producing revolutionary 100% plant-based seafood alternatives that are high in protein and free of animal products. To start with, our range of Good Catch products consist of: fish burgers, fish cakes and crab cakes.

Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch plant-based seafood, is an innovative food company focused on propelling change through craveable plant-based alternatives. United by love of good food, plant-based eating, and animal welfare, Gathered Foods is on a mission to raise consciousness, reduce harm, and preserve environmental resources, all while delivering a great culinary experience.

Founded by pioneering chefs Derek and Chad Sarno, Good Catch products offer the taste, texture, nutrition, and experience of seafood without harming the environment. The team is dedicated to creating great-tasting plant-based foods for everyone, from vegan to omnivore and everything in between.

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