Food safety

Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat is committed to continuous improvement and innovation of its facilities and processes. Zandbergen employs food safety and quality testing to ensure food products meet the main international standards. These testing programmes help food processing to mitigate risks, safeguard reputation and gain access to international markets. Specific services include supplier audits and analysis of raw materials, process quality assurance, quality control checks and final product analysis.

As a result, Zandbergen is Skal/Organic, IFS Food and IFS Broker certified and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Voedsel & Waren Autoriteit – VWA) has recognised and approved Zandbergen to conduct a wide range of activities. This consequently allows us to offer a vast selection of products and services. Our highly trained team of quality employees supervise, document and safeguard additional factors such as environmental impact and working conditions. This means all facets of quality are covered so that we can unreservedly guarantee the quality of our products to our customers.

All our certifications prove our high level of performance

We* have also been AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified since September 2011. The customs authorities view an AEO-certified company as a trustworthy partner in the logistic chain. The unfaltering focus on quality has enabled Zandbergen to grow from a small local business into an internationally respected partner in meat.

 * Our AEO certification is applicable to Meat Import Zandbergen Brothers BV and Frigomundo Customs Services BV.

Download our IFS Food certificate
Download our AEO certificate

A holistic approach

Food safety to consumers simply means being able to rely on the food they eat. It means much more to producers, namely being in full control of all production parameters at all times, safeguarding quality and production throughout the manufacturing process.

Production of sufficient, safe and nutritious food is a global challenge faced by all actors operating in the food production chain. The performance of food-producing systems from farm to fork is directly and indirectly influenced by major changes in, for example, climate, demographics, and the economy. Many of these major trends will also drive the development of food safety risks and thus will have an effect on human health, local societies and economies. A holistic or system approach needs to be taken that takes into account the influence of multiple “drivers” on food safety. This will make it possible to predict the increased likelihood of occurrence of safety incidents in order to be better prepared to prevent, mitigate and manage the associated risks.*

Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat is fully aware of the importance of a holistic approach and embraces its responsibility to deliver high-quality, honest and safe products to the market. 

Source: Food Research International, volume 89, Part 1, Pages 463-470.

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