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Ton Zandbergen, Founder and president

“The choice of our suppliers determines the success of our company.”

Tyson Foods: exclusive partner since 1994

IBP, which became part of Tyson Foods in 2001, began working exclusively with Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat as their European distribution partner in 1994. Since then we have together built our reputation as THE supplier of premium US beef in Europe and continue to grow and evolve our business together in the dynamic European market.

Over the past 25 years, our high level of trust and mutual respect have reinforced our stature in the demanding and eclectic market in Europe, which has learned to savour grain-fed beef and appreciate the consistency brought by the breeds and feeding of US cattle, aligned with Tyson’s production skill and rigorous quality control.

Since 1994 we have together built our reputation as THE supplier of premium US beef in Europe

Zandbergen has two generations of experience in navigating the challenges of the trade flows and regulatory detail of the global meat trade. It also brings the financial rigour required to plan long-term commitments that are necessary in the longer beef cycle to assure supply consistency across both retail and food service markets. Zandbergen’s unparalleled market knowledge, sales skill and distribution capabilities combined with Tyson’s legendary reputation in beef production in the US constitute an unbeatable team.

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AACo: exclusive partner since 2012

Established in 1824, the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) is Australia’s largest integrated cattle and beef producer and is the oldest continuously operating company in Australia.

Today, AACo owns and operates a strategic balance of properties, open feeding areas and farms comprising around 7 million hectares of land in Queensland and the Northern Territory. This equates to roughly 1% of Australia’s land mass. 

AACo brings almost 200 years of experience and knowledge in producing exceptional beef. It specialises in grain fed beef and Wagyu beef production.

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"At the Australian Agricultural Company, we’ve been passionately perfecting the Art of Australian Beef since 1824."

Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea: exclusive partner since 2012

Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea S.A. has since its establishment in 1962 forged long-term relationships with producers, customers, the government and health authorities and officials. Supported by first-class IT technology, the company has been a pioneer in providing reliable and audited information.

Frigorífico San Jacinto-Nirea has been a pioneer in providing reliable and audited information

The company also performs exceptionally well and proves this thanks to the certification in quality, energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility, animal welfare, validated specific protocols or protocols of the various breeds. The quality and safety of Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea S.A.’s ensure from both excellent production standards, application of stringent hygiene and animal health standards and the most stringent control systems. Cattle are purchased under special slaughter programmes and agreed with producer groups or breeder associations based on clearly defined protocols and our own payment-for-quality schemes drawn up in advance.

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Kaona Poulty: partnership since 1998

Kaona Poultry Ltd. was established in 1993. It is a 100% vertically integrated poultry producer located in Ubon Ratchatani in Northeastern Thailand. Vertically integrated means the company has 100% control over the process from head to tail, from hatchery and breeding to slaughtering and further processing. Like Zandbergen, Kaona Poultry Ltd. is a family business owned by the Triyangkulsri family. 

The Triyangkulsri and Zandbergen families have been working in partnership for over two decades. Together they focus on marketing raw and cooked chicken products, sharing a clear vision and philosophy on quality, flexibility and continuity. This results in a stronger focus on tailor-made products than mainstream commodities combined with optimum price and service conditions. As a medium-sized company, Kaona Poultry is able to adapt rapidly to customers’ continuously changing needs for tailor-made solutions. The strong and effective partnership between Kaona and Zandbergen has made it possible to gain a widespread presence across all the EU member states, serving clients in sectors ranging from food service to retail and  wholesale to food manufacturing.

 Kaona possesses all the certifications required for the EU market including BRC, IFS, Sedex (Social Compliance) and Halal and is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil).

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Beyond Meat: exclusive partner since 2018

The revolutionary Beyond Burger is the first plant-based burger that looks, cooks and satisfies so much like beef, that it is sold in the meat case in U.S. based grocery stores. Beyond Meat, which counts Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio among its investors, is working to change the meat we eat by replacing animal protein with plant-based proteins. By addressing the protein at the center of the plate, Beyond Meat aims to positively impact four growing global concerns: human health, the environment, natural resources and animal welfare. Beyond Meat’s portfolio of groundbreaking products are already available at more than 32,000 grocery stores and restaurants in the U.S., as well as in a growing number of international countries.

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Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat CEO and founder

We are thrilled to be partnering with one of Europe’s leading meat distributors to enter the European market with Beyond Meat

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