Our 373 concepts brand

‘373 concepts’ is a dynamic company that specialises in creating and producing high- quality meat and plant-based meat concepts. We develop our products in close collaboration with our customers, making sure we find the perfect match between our client’s wishes and the final product.

We use our ‘373 concepts’ brand for all products we develop in our production facilities

The combination of the right raw materials, our modern production facilities and our creativity has enabled us to develop award-winning concepts. We believe in continuous improvement and are consequently committed to exceeding client expectations on all levels.

The basic principle of each concept is the high quality of the meat. This forms the foundation for exploring different possibilities and discovering the best concept that matches your specific needs!

373 Customised Burger Concepts

Our ‘373 Customised Burger Concepts’ have been developed because we are convinced it’s time for the burger to regain its rightful place as top billing on menus. This will demand the comeback of a top-quality burger made from the finest prime cuts of well-known meat breeds. Through ‘373 Customised Burger Concepts’, we are presenting outstanding burgers from around the globe and surprising customers with the provenance and the taste of each specific region. We keep our burgers true to their origin, adding only herbs and spices and leaving the rest to the culinary prowess of the consumer or chef.

It’s time for the burger to regain its rightful place as top billing on menus

373 Customised Poultry Concepts

Our ‘373 Customised Poultry Concepts’ are ready-to-eat products and originate from Thailand. We select only the highest-quality products for our customers.

In addition to this range, we can provide our clients with specific poultry products according to their own specifications and needs. We can fulfil almost any request with regard to shape, appearance, taste and packaging and can deliver in accordance with our clients’ specific product specifications.

373 Customised Sliced & Diced Concepts

Our ‘373 Customised Sliced & Diced Concepts’ have been developed to cater to consumers across Europe who are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of their food. The use of various additives, colouring agents and preservatives concerns many consumers. That’s why we focus through 373 concepts on using exclusively prime meat cuts and avoiding the use of additives. We consequently provide our customers with honest meat products that are as close to nature as possible.

We provide sliced and diced meat and poultry products that can be used in the ready meal, airline catering, food service and cash & carry sectors. The concept starts from the raw materials and ends with your finished packed product, produced according to your specifications. Flexibility, traceability, technology and quality are at the heart of Customised Sliced & Diced Concepts and guide everything we develop. 

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