Our Facilities

Our head office is located on the Industrieweg in Zoeterwoude and the majority of our employees work at this location. It accommodates departments ranging from finance to sales and from quality to the board of directors. Our state-of-the art logistics centre and production facility enable us to fulfil our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

'Our facilities are a crucial element of our success.'

The cold store unit at our head office uses semi-automatic transport systems and has a total storage capacity of 3,500 M/T for storing both chilled and frozen products. This location also has shock freezers to ensure a safe and rapid decline in temperature for products that must be industrially frozen.

Frigomundo coldstore

We opened our Frigomundo cold-storage facility in early 2008. It is one of the most modern of its kind in the Netherlands. This new facility is located just a few hundred metres from our headquarters on the same industrial estate and has enabled us to centralise our complete product flow. Everything is independently stored under our own supervision, allowing us to provide optimum service and efficiency, while minimising costs and negative impact on the environment.

Frigomundo rolled out a major sustainable energy project and installed the largest cold store solar panel system in the Netherlands in May 2017. We see a growing necessity to move towards CO2-neutral production chains. Making the storage more sustainable enables us to positively influence the environmental impact of the total production chain.

More information at www.frigomundo.com

Customs facilities

Frigomundo Customs Services, which is Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat’s customs agent, focuses fully on handling all the customs formalities to ensure the smoothest possible import, export and transshipment.

Based in the Bonded Warehouse C-Spec, Frigomunodo Customs Services carries out the customs administrative processing for both Meat Import Zandbergen Brothers B.V. and Frigomundo B.V. from where the goods are shipped. Virtually all the customs processes have been largely automated to ensure the fastest possible processing. 

The New Plant

Beyond Meat, a leading producer of plant-based meat, has opened a new production facility in Zoeterwoude in collaboration with Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat: The New Plant. The collaboration makes it possible to meet the growing European demand for Beyond Meat products. The innovative Beyond Meat products are produced in this ultramodern production location.

For more information see thenewplant.nl

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