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We have selected a range of exclusive brands to supply our foodservice clients (restaurants chains and professional catering services) and our wholesale, food manufacturers, retail and Cash & Carry partners. We also provide other business-to- business brands. Please contact our sales department for more information.

IBP (Tyson foods – United States of America)

IBP is an iconic name known the world over by meat professionals as the leading and innovative brand of beef from the USA. The instantly recognisable ‘Green Box’ is renowned in the industry in terms of quality and specifications.

The unique flavour of US beef from IBP is the result of generations of experience in raising and perfecting beef cattle breeds and feeding them on the farms and ranches on the Great Plains of the USA. The young cattle feed on the natural grasses for 12-15 months before being fed on a balanced and nutritious blend of grains and corn which adds to the unique flavour profile and marbling for which US beef is justly famous.

The instantly recognisable ‘Green Box’ is renowned in the industry in terms of quality and specifications

The level of marbling (silky, tiny threads of soft fat woven through the muscle) is a crucial factor in determining beef quality and eatability. This is why IBP only uses beef of the top 3 quality grades available in the U.S. The marbling dissolves during cooking, as a natural internal baste, which produces juicy, tender and tasty steaks.

IBP premium-quality beef from the world’s largest beef processor exceeds our customers’ expectations. The tradition of trusted excellence is reinforced by the commitment to quality, service and leadership in the industry. The product portfolio offers you an alternative to traditional steak cuts such as Ribeye, Sirloin or Striploin steaks and are perfect for a variety of menu applications.)

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Star Ranch Angus (Tyson Foods – United States of America)

The cattle are raised and fed according to the same principles as the IBP brand (see IBP). The difference is the breed: the Star Ranch brand is selected and verified Angus beef. 

Star Ranch Angus delivers the consistent quality and taste your customers demand. Star Ranch Angus™ beef brings a high-quality dining experience time after time. It has been selected thanks to its tenderness and rich flavor. 

Star Ranch is 100% US Angus beef, Grade “A” Maturity (the most recent USDA recognised category for beef cattle), it’s hand-selected and hand-trimmed. Available in USDA Prime and Choice.

We are committed to delivering quality Angus beef that is consistently tender and rich in flavour, which you can confidently and proudly serve to your customers.

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AACo Wagyu (AACo – Australia)

AACo Wagyu has been developed exclusively for the European market and is imported, marketed and distributed by Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat across the European continent.

Cattle destined for AACo Wagyu have been born and raised on the lush pasture land of Australian cattle stations before being finished for a minimum of 200 days on a specialised Japanese designed ration of the finest cereal grains at the company’s specialised Wagyu open feeding area.

Every day, diners around the world enjoy the superb tenderness and flavour of our beef

AACo Wagyu delivers a strong and distinct flavour combined with the unmistakable tenderness that Wagyu beef has become synonymous with the world over.

AACo is dedicated to delivering the highest quality Wagyu beef. AACo Wagyu is the result of a commitment to innovation and offering customers a point of difference to meet the growing demand for high-quality Wagyu beef within the European market.

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El Rancho (Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea S.A. – Uruguay)

The cattle first roam freely on the pastures and feed on the natural grasses found on the Uruguayan farmland. They then stay in open feeding areas for a minimum of 100 days where they are given special feed that includes a mixture of maize, cereals, hay and alfalfa grass. They also apply modern technologies to guarantee a high standard of quality and traceability of the herds. The breeding programme also ensures that the cattle fulfil EU requirements regarding control, food safety and traceability.

The beef cuts of El Rancho are produced from young steers and heifers which meet the stringent requirements set out in the special programme for high quality import beef for the European Union.

This special care makes El Rancho a high-quality beef brand that is distinctive thanks to its marbling and succulence.

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