Our ventures

Frigomundo Coldstore

Frigomundo Coldstore is the leading logistical centre for frozen, chilled and ambient products. It is dedicated to managing all your logistics operations and stores your goods with the utmost care. The company is easily accessible thanks to its outstanding location near the Port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and  major motorways.

With our sustainable approach we are convinced we have a competitive edge compared to other cold stores

Frigomundo unrolled a major sustainable energy project and installed the largest cold store solar panel system in the Netherlands in May 2017. Recognising the growing necessity towards CO2 neutral production chains by making the storage link more sustainable, Frigomundo positively influences the environmental impact of the total production chain.

The system has a capacity of 1,577 MWp that produces 1,388 MWh every year. This would be sufficient to meet the average annual energy needs of 300 four-person households, significantly reducing the carbon footprint by 950 tonnes per year. Zandbergen’s Frigomundo uses around 2,915 MWh of energy a year and the solar panels will meet around 50% of this requirement. When the cooling systems are not running, the excess power will go back into the local electricity grid. We are convinced that our sustainable approach gives us a competitive edge and will attract clients who share our sustainable view of the future.

TMT Taurus Meat-Trading GMBH, Hamburg, Germany

Founded in 1995, TMT Taurus Meat-Trading has been a 100 % subsidiary of Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat since 2010. Recognised in the market as a specialist in New Zealand meat imports, the company trades the brands Silver Fern Farms and Lanz (Crusader) within Germany. TMT Taurus Meat-Trading is also an importer of North and South American beef. It has a dedicated team that focuses on providing clients with the highest quality lamb, mutton, beef, poultry, pork, game and venison.

There is strong synergy between TMT Taurus Meat-Trading and its parent company Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat. The board of TMT Taurus Meat-Trading GmbH is comprised of Ingo Rischer, Ton Zandbergen and Adriaan Figee.

There is strong synergy between TMT Taurus Meat-Trading and its parent company Zandbergen World's Finest Meat

Zandbergen Brasil / Corex

Ever since we began importing Brazilian beef many years ago, we have built strong ties of friendship and respect with our Brazilian suppliers and frequently visit the country and our suppliers’ farms and slaughterhouses. We are, in fact, so impressed with the country, its people and its opportunities that we have decided to invest in the local agribusiness.

We have founded a Brazilian trading company, Corex Foods, for this purpose. It is taking out stakes in agricultural companies in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and Pantanal.

Optimising soil and water management constitutes the core of our sustainability program on our farms in Brazil. We have used modern technologies to cultivate dry and arid ground to prevent further erosion and degradation of the land. We also ensure that a minimum of 20% of the land of each farm remains pristine natural forest, thus preserving the biodiversity and ecological systems. Our cattle are allowed to roam freely on these pastures, feeding on the natural grasses found on the Brazilian farmland. We also apply modern technologies at our farms to guarantee a high standard of quality and traceability of our herds. Our breeding programme furthermore ensures that we meet the demands from the EU with regard to control, food safety and traceability.Our investments have resulted in new residential homes for farmers and their families and have raised the general standard of living and educational opportunities for the farmers and their children.

There are only six cattle farms worldwide that have earned the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal of approval

Two of our farms in Brazil meet the stringent requirements of the sustainable agricultural network SAN (Sustainable Agriculture Network) on which the Rainforest Alliance certification is based. The cattle standard includes ranching methods designed to protect local systems, workers and local communities and the well-being of animals. Farms that meet the rigorous criteria of the cattle standard earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal of approval. The following principles  exemplify our comprehensive approach to responsible cattle farming:

– Integrated cattle management
– Sustainable range and pasture management
– Animal welfare
– Carbon-footprint reduction
– Additional environmental requirements such as deforestation-free.

Dutch meat packing district

In order to facilitate the expansion of our production activities, we are planning the construction of the Dutch Meat Packing District next to our head office. We hope to open this new production facility in the second half of 2019.

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