Our ngo-partners

Combining forces in our sustainable approach

At Zandbergen we see it as our role to mediate in the development of sustainable products between the stakeholders in the value chains from farm to fork. We are convinced that sustainability is a continuous process. This means any developments in this area are carefully monitored and implemented whenever possible.

While Zandbergen’s influence on the entire value chain is limited, we are committed to making our current flow of products more sustainable. This is why we cooperate with and support the initiatives of Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad.

The Rainforest Alliance promotes a sustainable future for the cattle sector

Rainforest Alliance: Sustainable partner since 2012

The Rainforest Alliance has been working with businesses, farming and forest communities, scientists and governmental agencies to create market-based solutions to the world’s biggest environmental and social problems since 1987.

The Rainforest Alliance promotes a sustainable future for the cattle sector, one in which ranchers, workers and local communities live and work in harmony with the environment. In conjunction with their ngo-partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), the Rainforest Alliance is working to transform cattle production to ensure that it is humane, legally compliant and deforestation-free.

More information? Visit www.rainforest-alliance.org

Solidaridad: Sustainable partner since 2009

Solidaridad works on creating sustainable supply chains from the producer to the consumer. This enables producers in developing countries to get a better price for better products and it helps to preserve the environment.

More information? Visit www.solidaridadnetwork.org

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