Products & Brands

We have an assortment of well over 1.000 articles within different article groups, including thefollowing brands:

• The Frozen Butcher

• TrustMyChicken

• 373 Concepts: The brand for high quality meat

• Tyson's IBP: The unique flavour of U.S. beef

• AAco's 1824: Premium beef from Australia

• El Rancho & San Alberto: Grainfed beef from Uruguay

Wide assortment

We have an assortment of well over 1.000 articles within the following article groups:

  • Beef - chilled & frozen
  • Poultry - frozen
  • Lamb and mutton - chilled & frozen
  • Cooked beef - frozen
  • Cooked poultry - frozen
  • Pork - chilled & frozen
  • Game and exotics - frozen

We have a diverse selection in each product group to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers. Apart from the products we import, we also produce portioned steaks and hamburgers and a wide assortment of sliced and cubed products.

We can proudly say that all of our products involve cooperative efforts with some of the most highly respected, internationally active companies: over the years we have established solid, reliable relationships with our suppliers. We work closely not only with our suppliers but also with our customers, allowing us to continue expanding our line of products and to anticipate customer needs. By taking an innovative approach our assortment is and will always be up to date.